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Covering Letter

Keep it short – do not be tempted to write too much.

Your submission reader is very busy – keep this in mind.

Check your protocols for submission with the medium’s requirements.

MY six proud working men

They taught me all I know

Their names are

Where – Why – When and What then Who and How.

Where Get a name! Check address!

Why can you see your piece fitting in with others in the magazine?

When Make certain that your piece does not clash timewise with the Pubn. publishing dates

What is the main style/content/ length/ aim/ reason for the acceptance of work in current issues?

Who are the readers by class socio /economic factors/ age/ sex/ geography etc.?

How can the pubn. benefit by using your work?

Example letter. This is only an example of how simple a letter can be.

More to come,

Terry 15.03.23

Don’t forget your own address

and contact details

Plus date

Dear Ms. Reynolds

Submitted for your consideration is “Blackheath Elf.” a short story.’ ‘Hello Magazine‘ is a publication that values topical informative work that also entertains; elements I hope you will enjoy in this story.

I have studied creative writing with groups and also at Continuing Education Workshops where my fiction has been well received.

Thank you for your consideration.

I hope to hear from you.

Holly Writer

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