Wenhaston writers blasted through February and then was hit by hall closures and lack of contact.

With the help of my daughter, I have set up a private website from which we can ‘virtually’ continue the work towards producing The Wenhaston Writers 2020 book of creativity.

It works like this. You register on this site pick your own personal password and post the work that you have produced within the week.

I will submit the topic style and proposed genre, then ask for your support by you submitting your work to your personal page placings on this site.

I hope that this will work and would ask you to register, tell me how you are healthwise and let me know if you have any ideas on the way forward for this innovation.

We were collecting monies on a weekly basis towards the eventual costs of publishing the result of our year’s work. Whilst I don’t want to create a pay to learn system if any one can recommend a method of funding the eventual published work and creating at least one physical copy per contributor, please let me know.

It had been my intention to progress towards work within the realms of the ‘Haiku’ and Felicity and myself worked through 90 minute session at the last Hall meeting. Perhaps we could resurrect that session for all interested writers.

Maybe we should open up the group to other writers – what are your thoughts?

Best regards Keep safe and healthy



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