Endlessly early days of peace after WW2 , the days, days of sunshine with exorcism. Six years of fear, repression and darkness. All the happiness surrounds us, now we have light. Mother’s painstakingly stitched wavy borders on the heavy blanket blackout curtains, destined for the newly lit bonfire. Young never seen a garden fire before. Never known the beauty of flames in the dusk, never seen no longer needed household objects thrown in celebration to be consumed by flames; see the visually contagious happiness spilling from our garden to houses next door and further afield. Never known a party where people hadn’t sat in parlours filled with cigarette smoke and beer fumes and sad sad faces; Faces that had just remembered how to smile beaming everywhere; arms were for hugging; feet were for dancing in mad hopping sequences; voices that yippeed and yelped and sang ; such gusto; everything was gusto ……………………..

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