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Always Watching

Haggrith sat calmly in her makeshift hut, brewing a medicinal tea for her ill husband, whom had recently contracted some […]

30 September 2020 30 September 2020
Creating a character through dialogue

Dust blew gently through the door as a sole man took a few steps into the saloon and let his […]

28 September 2020 28 September 2020
Meditation And Why Modern Society Sucks At Meditating.

In modern society, the word “Meditation” means usually one of two things; you either place yourself in loose clothing and […]

26 September 2020 26 September 2020
Electric Cars – The Future

In our age, where the electric car is due We all wait for the day it comes along But as […]

26 September 2020 26 September 2020
Electric Dreams of Cars

I find myself in the seat of my car. The hum of the electronics pushing it along. And opposed to […]

21 September 2020 21 September 2020
Up Above, Down Under

In a world, where everybody is never off the grid Where all our connections are never rid. Where people meet, […]

20 September 2020 20 September 2020
Azure Skies

The Saffron skies herald the blazing sun Yet in amongst the hazeless sky An odd air balloon, room for all […]

14 September 2020 14 September 2020
Poem: The Pandemic World

Slumped against the pub’s dull interior. There was a tilted tv. One man sat, one stood behind the bar. There […]

12 September 2020 12 September 2020
Down and up affects

A trio of men would be sitting at the bar, with the publican cleaning a pint glass behind, looking at […]

7 September 2020 7 September 2020

Preface I wrote this book with various inspirations, both people and other pieces of fiction. Whilst I won’t name most […]

7 September 2020 7 September 2020

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