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Of winds and Place

Many of men on the ocean need the winds Even for us men of land, which we use it to […]

Nathan 25 January 2021 25 January 2021
The sun and a life

It’s dark outside, and I lie in my bed, looking up at the ceiling with only the gentle light of […]

Nathan 17 January 2021 17 January 2021
Why don’t they (The sun and moon) fall?

This depends on the person you ask, especially with different beliefs. You can ask a scientist and he’ll explain the […]

Nathan 11 January 2021 11 January 2021
New year, new 12 year old

The house certainly was warm. Still snacking on Christmas’ leftovers and generally seeing the new year in was a thrill. […]

Nathan 4 January 2021 10 January 2021
Memorable Day at school

This might be a little cheap, but my most memorable day was my last day. The majority of the day […]

Nathan 14 December 2020 14 December 2020
I want to write about… Because…

I want to write about Anthon St. Maarten’s quote.   People today are more isolated than ever, as society has […]

Nathan 7 December 2020 7 December 2020
The Prince’s Woes

Living in strife was not my life At the very worst I didn’t receive the tea timely My father feared […]

Nathan 2 November 2020 2 November 2020
Why is Outdoor Learning good?

Outdoor learning is a great way to help children learn, I can hear you asking why that might be, and […]

Nathan 19 October 2020 19 October 2020
Homework Research

BA VS HR   (BA) Pros Seemingly there are actually no other similar products, especially regarding probiotic technology. As most […]

Nathan 19 October 2020 19 October 2020

Hello, I am 4031 James.A, or simply just James Alexson, my given name. There are only a handful of things […]

Nathan 12 October 2020 12 October 2020

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