In response to the last homework request, Linda produced an epic moral piece, Must Do Better, about The need for personal awareness and its important place in social/family relationships. She came up with a brilliant line which she incorporated as the finale to her Piece. Deeds of the past cast long shadows on the future.

We discussed her work in some depth and she has been asked to revisit the piece, Utilising a Celtic Bardic device, entering into the being and experience of an animal/fish/ bird /insect to illustrate how other beings can handle the problems expounded in each verse of Must Do Better. I asked her to use a particular being/animal/fish etc. for each two verse group and thereby identify her thinking as it would be employed by the creature to attain the end of illustrating the moral lesson from each two verse group; whilst still enabling the link for the whole work.

I know that it sounds complicated but try Googling Taliesin or Song of the trees or Mabinogion. A quick read should bring magical enlightenment.

Imagine old stories, traditions, and moral truths being illustrated with the ways of known animals as a means to help to understand and to fix the stories in the minds of the listeners for retelling later.

No doubt a magical tradition in most /if not all, ancient tribal groups.

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