Culled from The little book of Celtic Wisdom, by John and Caitlin Mathews Element Books Ltd 1993

I am the wind on the sea,

Iam the wave on the ocean,

I am the roar of the sea,

I am an ox of seven exiles,

I am a hawk on a cliff,

I am a tear of the Sun,

I am a turning in a maze,

I am a boar in valour,

I am a salmon in a pool,

I am a lake on a plain.

I am a dispensing power,

I am a spirit of skilful gift,

I am agrass blade giving decay to the earth,

I am a creative God giving inspiration.


The task of Celtic Poets particularly by design, but all poets by being poets, Is creating the mystical link between identification of all things and then a reweaving of the scattered /disparate elements into a new wholeness and/or perception.

Their skill is in how well they can bring the soul their audience/ reader to the point of vison, understanding rest or stillness.

The Celtic poets through their identification with all things became physicians of the soul. They used three healing strains in their music and words. The laugh to raise the spirits; sorrow to release the tears and sleep strain to bring rest to troubled souls.


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