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The main use of ‘affect‘ – with an ‘a’ – is as a verb meaning to have an influence. So you could say: ‘Your emotional state affects how you remember things’. The word with an ‘e’ – effect – is usually used as a noun and it means the result of an influence.

Death closeness to deceased. intensity greatest to the deceased.

Tragedy as 9/11 wide ranging and shocking.

On going News

Terminal illness affects friend and creates sadness and distress.

Baby sitting at short notice.

Source Trust the source?

Implications for future

Importance STIIII’s

Choose three characters from the list below.

Edward Vll.,  Andy Murray, Your Mother, an Insurance agent, Mr. Patel at corner shop, Publican, Postman, News editor, Car salesman, Gamekeeper, Jockey, Trawler man, Yourself.

Create a situation where your three characters are reacting with each other when they discover some News which could effect at least two of the trio.

Then using what we discussed in our opening plus the list previously created write a narrative involving the required elements.

250+ words  or 32 line Poem

Discussion and critique to follow..

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