1. Discussion ref news item came Terry’s way what do we think?
  2. Item arrived via email broadcast from a business contact


Chance for a rant on many levels – try listing them as discussion progresses.

EXERCISE… 20 mins write your response

Reading – Discussion – CRITIQUE

Setting up Homework….

Choose an address.

Hill road Chertsey

Pastures Bridgnorth Salop

Oldham Road Bolton

Carpenter Street Bristol

Wood street Walthamstow E. London

Give your character a name age and current address occupation and any thing else you think useful from our discussion.

Homework sketch family tree with comments to show how your character came to be the person they are. 2/3 generations only

Now write a letter from chosen address as the person you have created.

Any subject and to anyone PROVIDING it is emotionally passionate , strong, positive or negative: Joy, Relief,Rage, Love, Scorn, Vengeful.

Your choice

300- 500 words (in total incl Family tree work)

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