Why is Outdoor Learning good?

Outdoor learning is a great way to help children learn, I can hear you asking why that might be, and I can say this; not only is it a safer solution to the currently ongoing pandemic, rather than being stuck in doors where the virus can propagate easily, being outdoors makes it more difficult, with temperature differences, rain, etc. Obviously everybody would be equipped with the government-sanctioned PPE needed.


Even if sometimes the lesson simply consists of talking and explanations. Outdoor learning also inspires an air of “exploration”, to a degree and gives a varied view on how things can be practically done, even if the children have been doing so for a year, it still inspires the aforementioned explorative feeling.


A younger version of me was able to build a makeshift (But checked by the teachers first and deemed it safe) swing with my friends’ help. So the rest of my classmates were able to enjoy using it for the ensuing year, at least when we weren’t “In class”. I hope this emphasizes practical thinking and team building that can be brought about with outdoor learning.


Personally I learnt how to counter-balance objects through a science lesson taught at forest school, which is today’s equivalent of outdoor learning. But aside that, I hope that the fact teachers keep a vigilant watch in practical exercises puts you at ease. 

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