Uriel Name

Sculpting our inner Life 

Only the light within our soul can be with God – all that is not light – the rest – will drop away. What is not spiritual light cannot reach the heavenly realm – love in all it’s forms is the material  with which we create the our spiritual selves. It is a soul sculpture because all else drops away – only the pure light form of our spiritual selves can be with God.


O’Mallys voice booms out over the dark heads of his congregation. His tiered pulpit towers above them. O’Mally loves sermonising best of all.

‘This week we have been celebrating Michaelmas. The Feast of All Angels also known as Michaelmas Includes Gods special angels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and of course Uriel 

Thus begins O’Mally’s old hat  —tick box Michaelmas sermon. A sermon which he transplants on the same Sunday every year of his priesthood. Starting with his early parish life in Shropshire to his church in the centre of Kampala. His mind wanders for a moment as he seeks inspiration in the flimsy Ugandan roof timbers. Was Kampala a camp that became a city over time. He clears his throat and wishes he could stop his smoking habit. He sways a little His minty breath hides his morning tea tipple.

‘Uriel—Uriel— Uriel’  

The boys name seems to be echoing down the church. He hates hearing his name when his mother calls him. She only uses his name when he has done something wrong. 

Every school morning he cringes when his teacher does the register. No one else’s mother has given them an angel name He suffers in the playground when they taunt him with ’Uriel Muriel’ pushing him round and round. He hates it most of all when it is whispered in the gloom of the vestry when the dusty curtain has been drawn.

My name why is he booming my name out in church. 

The boy looks up at man in the pulpit. He slides slowly down from the pew seat and builds a kneeler tower to hide behind. He peeps around it at the profile of his mother. He can see she’s got her disapproving face on.

‘On this feast day, we remember God’s heavenly messengers and remind ourselves of our place in the universe that we are not on the top of the heap. There are higher entities than us.The angels. 

I wish the earth would swallow me up.

‘On this day we should also contemplate the belief that demons are considered to be fallen or rebellious angels and how the higher we are the lower we might fall. Thus, let this day remind us to submit to God and be more humble in our hearts. ‘

Uriel is there presides over the weighing of souls

Uriel is the fiery archangel is known as the Hell Keeper. He has the power condemn to sinners to fiery pit. Ureil holds the keys 

of the gate  between heaven and hell. Guarding Heaven with his fairy sword

It is worth remembering Gods all seeing eye is on our every action however well hidden.

Suddenly he can smell the stench of O’Mallys trousers in the vestry and gags. His stomach heaves and he is sick over his fallen hymn book. Mother drags him roughly from the pew into the fresh air. He sits on the ground. His legs are week and shaky, He tries to tell her about the vestry. A tall church warden follows them out

‘He’ll be fine’, his flustered angry mother says, So sorry! We’ll get a cloth and sort it after the service’ 

‘Is he all right?’ the warden says in a kindly tone.

Later the boy tries and tries to tell her. He opens his mouth several times but no words will come out.

’Father O’Mallys coming to tea to see that you’re all right. So very kind of him don’t you think?’ She says. And he is locked in. Locked in a soundproof glass box that he can’t break through.

I’ve made you Devilled Eggs for high tea’,she says

‘They say you must make them before the devil makes them go off,’he says.


‘Oh they are quite fresh Father-I got them specially for you yesterday. Hoping you might be able to come and see us. 

When I read somewhere that Uriel is the angel of death who escorts souls across the line of life to the afterlife I feel nauseous again and have to take time off work.



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