Too much accent

“‘Ey! wheah is thiies Nathan guy frawm anywhys?” A confused Aussie asked, his accent thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

“i dahn’t know, ‘e says ‘e’s frahm Britain, boeht ‘e sooehnds like a Kiwi sahmetimes.” An equally confused Irishman said, accent just as thick as the previous.

“nahh, those Kiwis daon’t sound loike thaht, thy daon’t hahve the twahng” He retorted

“Dores it rerry matter? He definitry is not Japonese.” The Japanese fellow croaked out eventually, barely following the conversation with its incredibly hard-to-understand accents.

“Oy guess nawt, buh’ steell, whaht bloody accent is thaht?” The Aussie concluded.

“Guys, will you chill the hell out, it’s just the queen’s English. And no, I don’t eat biscuits and drink tea all day. At least yet I don’t. I’ll get back to you on that…”

Discussion (1)

  1. Well done @nathan, It is very difficult to find the exact sounds in written speech but you seemed to be able to cover, Irish, Oz. and Japanese as well as upper-class Essex! You may find it simpler to get your points across if you just look at the likely sentence construction and include telling phrases like -Oz:-easier to get a Sheila to come across than frying a ‘Gator.
    Irish : It is that – it is that – to be sure to be sure
    Japanese: Personally speaking, you know I from Osaka, my like is Sake, Tea overrated
    What do you think?

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