The Heart of the Home

The Heart of the Home


Huge Sunday lunches

Late Saturday brunchies

Table tennis matches

Frying up Dad’s catches


Us in fits of giggles

A place for the nibbles

Games seriously played

Monopoly money paid


Traditions invented

Relations resented

Meals eaten in silence

Almost ending in violence


Cleaned well everyday

In Mum’s special way

Yearly, re-varnished

It’s origin untarnished


Mum dishing up food

Probably in a bad mood

Clean washing in piles

Glances and secret smiles


Dad cleaning our shoes

Me with teenage blues

Mum cleaning the mower

Keith stealing the power


New boyfriend for lunch

Adjusting to us bunch

Fruit and veggies preserved

Wedding breakfast served


First ‘foreign’ meal tried

Making family divide

Baby’s bums changed

Political views exchanged


Our table was the heart

Till family grew apart

But still gathered round

Many glasses were downed


The table remained

The people were changed

Some of them died

Many tears were cried


If it could speak

Although wooden and teak

Lifetimes stories retold

A treasure to behold

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