The Grassless Walk

Another day, another preamble with the dogs. tiny Tai, big Bryce and happy Honey.

Letting out a loud whistle, they come running, and let me put their leads on, and we begin our walk.

Both the brothers are oddly opposites of eachother; Bryce pulls persistently forward, onto the next step of the journey, whilst Tai takes it slowly, to a point where me and honey are held in a strange equilibrium.

Bryce is stronger though, as am I, and we walk forward, on the greyish street, taking a few twists and turns until we end up in a little segment of land, untouched by urbanization, an oasis in the middle of a desert. Just some grass, some wildflowers and some hedges.

An odd feeling occurs every time I walk through there; a reminder that nature naturally nurtures itself if left alone to do so. The blossoms in the spring, the flowers in the summer, the orange cascade in the autumn. who’d of thought about less than a quarter of a hectare of land having such a stark contrast to the concrete streets and roads that inevitably return as I eventually come to the end of the oasis, and we auto-pilot back home, what else is there left to see?

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