the Frame

I dont say a word now – not a word -but I know everyone hates me
I can see the hatred streaming at me like a river of darkness on my social Media pages.

The first thing that happened was a girl said – we’re sending you to Coventry.
I didn’t really pay attention but as the day went on I got it then a whole week where noone in my year spoke to me – if I said something I got no reply they just turned away as if I didnt exist — 70 girls – there were two other classes in my year-no one spoke — so I stopped speak
One girl from another class said as looked over my head – you suck up to teachers and walked away.

Then there was the hall
The teachers left us on our own and everyone on my side of the hall moved to the other side – so I moved over too
At which point they all went to the other side and left me
I moved over too and they did it again
Then the teacher arrived and move them to be more evenly distributed in the hall.

So as soon as I left school I died my hair and had it ringlet curled.
I had plastic surgery on my face and got my Dolly Parton boobs

A media sensation! Until the world put me right back in that hall and the vitriol now keeps comming and I never leave my bedroom these days

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