The female perspective(?)

I’m sat upon a leaf, nice and concealed. I can see particularly well, considering my eyes are well adjusted to this light, I should be able to feed well tonight, being that it’s summer and there are moths galore.


And so I do, one after the other. Need not even to feed once more tonight. And I stand by idle, sleeping but not simultaneously. Like how humans have micro-sleeps, where they just conk out for a few seconds; still aware but at the same time, just sitting there, immobilized. 


I “wake” the following day, it had been raining whilst I was idle and I decided to move lower on the plant; less water to have to trudge through.


Then a male of my kind approaches me, a typical specimen but nonetheless, they shall do, haven’t seen a male of my kind for nigh on almost a couple of weeks, and even then they were juveniles.


I feel there’s a time and place when it comes to reproducing, so to speak. As crude as it may sound, I’m picky yet still I couldn’t afford to be sometimes, and this was one of those times, unfortunately for him..


Shouldn’t feel guilty about what I do though, it’s only natural. I find a mate, perform deed. No the need for details.


Well, maybe one small detail, and that once said deed is over, I eat him, either partially or fully, I don’t care, as long as I get the nutrients I require.


This is natural for me, after all, I’m a female praying mantis.

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