"The best way out is always through.”

I want to write about the best way out is always through because I believe it to be the truth.  I remember being told by a mental health professional once that ‘you have to go through the green slimy stuff’’ in order to get anywhere in life.  If you try to avoid a problem by sidestepping it or ignoring it, the problem persists.  So, it is best to meet the problem head on and try to go through it, even if it is difficult.  The difficulties you face whilst going through the green slimy stuff, will improve you as a person and teach you to overcome similar problems in the future.  Persistence and determination replace despair and depression.  It becomes a challenge to deal with your issues and overcome them. 

Trying to avoid your concerns are not productive, but simply delaying the consequences.  It may seem easier at the time, but it simply prolongs the agony.  Ripping the plaster off in one go is always better than pulling it a little at a time.  If you ignore the problem, it can become even bigger and more difficult to deal with. 

Facing your problems, is akin to challenging an opponent.  It makes the enemy seem less frightening and more solvable.  Running away just increases the distance you will eventually have to travel to solve it. 

I doubt there is anyone in the world who haven’t, at one time or another, been faced with difficulties they perceive to be impossible to solve.  But by breaking down the problem into small pieces and dealing with each one in turn, you can overcome a huge hurdle.


This has been my ethos through life and I believe it has saved me several times.


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