Walking is our only means of transport, now.  This means that our boundaries are much tighter than ever.  If we discuss travel, we simply propose the distance we can travel, by foot, between sunrise and sunset.

Families are spread out so much, these days, unlike before when your children would live in the same village, they were born in.

Food and other necessities have to be local, as there is no system for transporting goods around the country.  This makes our lives simpler and less demanding.  As long as we have food to eat, wood to burn, water to drink and air to breathe, we are content.

Our horizons are just that, naïve and uncomplicated.  If you can’t see it, it isn’t there, if you can’t touch it, it doesn’t exist.  If you can survive without it, you didn’t need it in the first place.

We have brought back our compassion for the community, caring for those less fortunate than ourselves and who are close to us.   No need for outside influences to be involved, we look after our own.

Simplicity replaces sophistication, taking pleasure in little things and not constantly looking for the next thrill.  The satisfaction of being able to create something useful from items around you, without using power or artificial means.  Re-using objects, or re-purposing them, becomes essential, when the opportunity to ‘buy new’ disappears.

We sleep when the sun sets and work when the sun rises.  We eat frugally but more healthily.  We don’t constantly chase the unobtainable.

Sounds like paradise to me.

258 words – Sandy Bryson


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