My paradise, lost
My secret escape
My dream while awake
My place to unwind

Waves crashing the shore
Birds singing in trees
Boats bobbing around
Sun twinkling on seas

Watching the sun rise
Red streaks from horizon
Peeping over the edge
To finally shine

Sleeping outside in rain
Hearing the surf
Full moon is shining
Lighting up the trees

Cooking more fun in the sun
Discover curious stones
Painting with watercolours
Sewing hearts full of love

Sharing with family and friends
My kingdom of delights
Marvelling at nature
Such beautiful sights

Even loving the rain
Pattering on canvas above
Or rattling on tin roofs
Watch raindrops cascade

Storms are entrancing
Lightning above the sea
Flash illuminates the world
Thunder booming through your chest

My Sardinia, lost
My escape, no longer
My dream woken up
My place to return?

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