Walked to work
Walked to school
Church on a Sunday
As an everyday rule

Saw the family
Almost every day
Same old people
Same old way

Never travelled
Far and wide
My best friend
Became my bride

Holidays were
A day at home
Enjoying nature
Where we could roam

Moving forward
Horse and cart
Travelled further
With home at heart

Going to markets
To sell our wares
On our days off
Visiting fairs

Still walked to school
And walked to church
Improving life style
Was a constant search

A holiday away
Something new
Taking the train
New things to do

Dad got a job
Had to get the train
Improved our life
Mum took the strain

Modern stuff filled
Our modern home
Still walked a bit
The fields to roam

We walked to school
Mum started work
At a local bank
As a counter clerk

Holidays on planes
A new escapade
Hot sun, sea, sand
Stayed in the shade

No time to walk
Now got a car
Dad would drive us
School was too far

He’d drive to work
Then home again
Mum worked away
Had to take the train

Electric goods and games
Filled our days
No moment to speak
It was just a faze

Holidays far away
Seeking the empty beach
Along with all others
Something we’d never reach

Four-wheel drive
To drive in the town
Take us to school
Mum/Dad would just frown

We can remember
When we walked to school
Had fun on the way
Not using the fuel

We need to cut down
Be more ‘green’ aware
Start counting our footprint
Show others we care

A big motor-home
Became the new thing
Full of comfort and tech
And masses of bling

Mum gave up her job
To look after us
Dad sold his car
Went to work by bus

We all became vegan
Not eating dairy or meat
Bought local food
Became quite the athlete

Counted our steps
On a digital screen
To improve our health
Wanting our power clean

Bought a wigwam tent
Holidays nearby
Became quite feral
Sleeping under the sky

We all walked to school
Clothes from charity shops
Complained about farmers
Spraying our crops

What’s in our future
Back to old ways?
Living the good life
Enjoying our days?

Walking to work
Walking to school
Gardening Sunday
As a general rule

Join Greenpeace and protest
Against building more nuclear
Our food is organic
Growing it, our career

No more holidays spent
Traversing the globe
Content with our home
And our hearts full of hope

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