I wrote this book with various inspirations, both people and other pieces of fiction. Whilst I won’t name most of these, I will mention the prime inspiration that made me decide that I wanted to write this, and that is Raymond Briggs’ “When the Wind Blows”. A brilliant work that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys illustration as well as the topic of the cold war should read.


On that note, I’d like to thank my mother – Sandra Bryson – for showing me “When the Wind Blows”. She knew its contents and made me realize how on edge the world seemed at the time and how innocence still prevails even in such dire straits.


I’d also like to thank Terry, who has consistently and enthusiastically encouraged me to write and acknowledged my potential as a writer. This encouragement has led to the conception and creation of this book, amongst others.


So, without further adieu, I present to you “Working title” and I hope you enjoy what I have created.

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