“I used to suck my thumb, couldn’t give it up, even when I became an adult. The threats of buck teeth weren’t able to dissuade me.”
I drew on my cigarette, watching as it slowly receded into ash, but then took a brief moment to pause for reflection.
“Unsurprisingly, I became a huge fan of anything sweet and would spend all my pocket money in the corner shop.” “Again, threats of teeth falling out didn’t discourage me. Sherbet lemons, liquorice all sorts, Haribo and most of all, any type of chocolate. These were able to lift my spirits and take me out of the surrounding stresses of the real world for a brief moment.”
Stubbing out the cigarette and discarding the butt into the ashtray.
“Exams and deadlines on homework gave me more pressures to deal with, so I then tried my first cigarette and from the first drag, I knew that this wouldn’t be my last”.
I bumped the bottom of my packet, producing another stick to light. The lighter in my other hand, I paused, and began to ponder once again.
“Maybe it’s just my personality; a sole personality trait that became more and more obvious throughout the years.
I was ready to spark to life a small yet significant flame now, with the rollup in between my lips.
“Dependence on nicotine, food and alcohol strongly suggests an additive trait in my character. Does this mean that I will look for stronger forms of escapism?”
Taking a deep drag on the cigarette, hoping that the distraction would neutralise the pain. I even produce a pair of headphones and play some uplifting music to drag my mind out of this existential despair.
“Just another veil, to distract me from my incessant addiction. Addiction? One’s depiction of addiction?”

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