Memorable Day at school

This might be a little cheap, but my most memorable day was my last day. The majority of the day was spent more socializing than actually studying, since exams were just over and to be honest, with the school I went to, nobody was expecting anything seriously high-standard.


Ironically I reflected on my most memorable day on that same day too and it was the previous year where half of my friend group graduated. in a way I felt bad for the friends I had made and was about to just “vanish”. Such is life though, many of my teachers expected me to go on to do well in life, which was reassuring considering I had just managed to make it on to the lowest horticulture course at college.


So I said goodbye to my teachers who were more like friends than teachers, especially Mr.Fulljames, who inspired my love of fantasy and creative literature. They had spent as much time helping me and I tried my best to take in what was said. As well as my best and first friend who I’ve only seen a handful in the past 7 or so years. It was a sad day, but when you choose the proverbial red-pill to see how it is in the world, It was somewhat disappointing in retrospect.

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