I honestly don’t understand why I can’t go out and see my friends and family? It’s really not fair that I have to stay in all the time. I get so bored not seeing anyone or going anywhere. I’m not even sure I really like ‘home schooling’, although I am learning so much stuff and I definitely cannot stand watching anymore Disney.

I have been painting pictures, faces, stones, basically anything that doesn’t move. But holding the brush is a real problem for me, so I normally use whatever comes to hand.

I was able to contact my Grandparents over a loudspeaker, but it wasn’t the same, as I couldn’t give them hug or a squeeze, or play fight with them, I love to rough and tumble.

I would absolutely love to eat a Fast food meal, Mc Donalds?, Pizza Hut?, Burger King, even a chocolate bar would be enough. So maybe a King Bar or a Lion Burger would suffice?

But I really want to maybe go back to the place I love the most, where I can be with lots of others like me. I can be quite well behaved, when I want to, but if I’m not happy, you wouldn’t like me at all.

I’ve had picnics indoors, outdoors, in the garden, out on a walk, I’ve scoffed all the sandwiches, then started on the cakes. I did try to leave some for other people, but if the Tiger could get away with it, then I certainly can!

I probably need a haircut, as my mane is miles too long now. Definitely need a nail trim, but can’t go because of SOCIAL DISTANCING. Whatever that is?

Thursday evenings are very exciting because everyone stands outside their homes and clap, bang saucepans, try to make as much noise as they can. I think it is to try to frighten me away, but it doesn’t work, I like the noise and mostly love seeing all the people, together.

There is a new Superhero, he doesn’t wear a cape though, he can’t even fly, but he is very, very, very old and he walked around his garden and won lots of money. Lots of people love him now, I just hope the excitement isn’t too much for him.

Last time I ventured out, I noticed people avoiding me, looking the other way. I’m not really sure why, I tried not to frighten them, but I only wanted to look around the shop and maybe buy a toy or perhaps have a snack.

So, the fashion has changed, but for me, wearing a mask, is out of the question, I’m not even sure it would fit me. Wearing gloves is even less likely, I don’t think they even make them in my size. Maybe that’s why everyone was afraid of me, because I appeared so unprotected?

I hear stuff, some of it frightens me a bit. Some sort of virus, that we can’t control and old people, like my Grandparents are in danger, which is why I can’t see them at the moment. I don’t really understand why, but I don’t see anyone at all, unless I go to the supermarket which is sic, or is it sick? I don’t know, I’m only six and can’t read properly yet. I can’t even turn the pages with my huge paws.

I have, honestly tried going for my quota of daily exercise, out of town, so as not to bump into too many people. Strolling through the forest alone, there is no sign of the Gruffalo, let alone Stick Man. I tried to find out Where the Wild Things Are, but managed only to find A Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Walking along the seafront by myself is not what I really want to do. I can’t make sandcastles by myself very successfully. If I do have an ice cream, I get in such a mess, it drips all down my front and it is really difficult to clean. I want to go to places to actually see people and enjoy watching them go about their daily lives.

I tried playing Pooh sticks on the bridge over a river nearby, but without someone else to play with, I couldn’t win, so what was the point. Just watching a lonely stick float past, made me feel even worse.

I mean, who doesn’t want company and friendship, maybe someone to huggle? It’s really not right, just because my teeth are very big and my claws are very sharp. After all, I’m just a lonesome lion, looking for love.

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