Why can’t I go out? It’s really not fair that I have to stay in all the time. I get so bored not seeing anyone or going anywhere. I can be quite well behaved, when I want to.

Last time I ventured out, I noticed people running away from me, screaming in panic. I’m not really sure why, I tried not to frighten them, but I only wanted to look round the shop.

Wearing a mask, is out of the question, I’m not even sure they make them big enough to fit me. Wearing gloves is even less likely, maybe that’s why everyone was afraid of me, because I appeared unprotected.

I have even tried going for my daily exercise, out of town, so as not to bump into too many people. But strolling through the forest alone, or along the seafront by myself is not what I really want to do. I want to go to places to actually see people and watch them go about their daily lives.

I mean, who doesn’t want company and friendship? It’s really not right, just because my teeth are very big and my claws are very sharp. After all, I’m just a friendly lion, looking for love.

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