Healthy Living

Drink more water

Drink more wine

If you do both

You’ll be just fine


Don’t eat meat

Don’t eat cheese

Both these things

I do with ease


Run, don’t run

Breathe in and out

Talk more often

But never shout


Don’t eat salt

Don’t eat ham

Don’t eat pork

Or beef or spam


Get more sleep

Rest and relax

Don’t get confused

By conflicting facts



Healthy living

Is the new black

But don’t get stressed

You’ll get the knack


Exercise is good for you

But walk, don’t run

Get outdoors

But not in the sun


Take your medicine

But don’t take drugs

Keep a clear head

And stay out of pubs


Clean your teeth

Twice a day

Floss and rinse

To prevent decay


Without a doubt

One thing’s for certain

We will all face

That final curtain


So, enjoy your life

And please make sure

Don’t have regrets

Living has no cure

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