Greggs... oh boy.

Greggs, where to begin? I used to be a big fan of a good steak bake or a Jam doughnut from Greggs here and there with my college friends, when waiting for a bus home, which came infrequently, so plenty of time for the most part. But yes, loved the stuff. Until recent times, where carbs are my dietary foe and all I can do is walk past a store is glare.

If you’ve never met me, when I was in my final years of college and preparing for uni, I was coming up to about 18 stone. And besides various other factors, eating a steak bake or jam doughnut every day did NOT help whatsoever. I’m close to 16 stone and dropping, so I’ve got that going.

But Greggs. I hate to say it but Greggs mirrors McDonalds but in a different field. Where McDonalds sells hamburgers and fries, typical American-style food, Gregg’s preys on those with more “traditional” food taste per say. But unfortunately none of that is good. Rarely anything you could dare to call “Healthy”. They have vegan options apparently but still are very heavy in carbohydrates.

Save your money, eat a tomato and cheese omelette instead. Especially if you have chickens who, literally, have eggs coming out the wazoo.

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