Game, Set and Match

“I cannot believe it, you cannot be serious!” exclaimed my mother, McEnroe style.
Finally meeting her favourite tennis player of all time, the news that he intended to retire due to ill health, absolutely devastated her.
“I don’t suppose Mr Murray is terribly happy about it, Mum.” I retorted, “Think about how he must be feeling.”
“I know” Andy sniffed “I’m heartbroken” He paused, for effect. “Everything I have worked for and all my dreams have come crashing down around me, I feel like I have been side lined.”
“But who will I support next year in Wimbledon?” Mum questioned, only thinking about how the news had affected her.
“Mum, you really must think more about Mr Murray and how he feels. You will soon find another hero to follow next year.” I was frustrated by Mum’s inability to feel compassion or sympathy.
“Mr Murray, I know how much you love tennis. But really it is just a game, at least you can set your sights on something different. You are young and you will find a match with another activity. If I could plant a seed in your mind that you could ace anything you do, would that make the news any better?” I queried.
“Yes” replied Andy “If I just get a grip on things and put a different spin on the situation, I think it would serve me well and stop me feeling so Grand slammed.”
“After all”, he added it’s not my foot’s fault, it’s my hip!”

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