Mum, Monday morning, miserable, cold
Dad, Monday morning, miserable, old
Brother, Monday morning, studious, degree
Sister, Monday morning, fun-loving, free
Me, Monday morning, confused, unhappy

Family interacting, Saturday tea
Eating sausages with ketchup, watching TV
Family interacting – Sunday lunch
Grandparents always joining the bunch
Family interacting – you could hear them munch

Holiday time, Grandparents in tow
Off to Hastings, car travelling so slow
Mum, miserable, wanting a smoke
Dad, miserable, trying not to choke
Kids, in the back sharing a joke

Memories of family, Mum, Dad and all
These are the things that I can recall
Mum, always miserable and a little bit sad
Dad, also miserable, ‘cos of the illness he had
Brother and sister, so different but glad

That we were part of our family
This strange mixture, sometimes happily
More often than not, together but apart
Often, I remember, with a heavy heart
That I didn’t realise that they would depart

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