The need to communicate with others is an innate need for most of us.  Fine, when they are near to you, but what happens when they are a distance away?  We have to depend on technology, whether it be a telephone, ZOOM meeting, Facetime, Email.  If we rely on technology, invariably it fails us, in one way or another, frustrating us and causing stress and anxiety.

Just suppose, we are able to communicate without technology, just using the power of our minds.  Being able to tell someone you love them and are thinking of them, would happen just using your thoughts.  Ordering a Chinese, (for Terry) would be a simple matter of thinking of the dishes required and the delivery details and hey presto, a piping hot meal would be delivered.  Having a meeting (or class) with a group of people, would not depend on the ever-failing internet, just think of who needs to be there and away you go.

There would need to be some restrictions however, because no-one wants to be disturbed mid-way through a box set, by someone wanting to discuss their problems.  So maybe an ON/OFF switch could be useful.  Also, some control would be needed, when thinking perhaps bad thoughts about someone, whilst connected to them.  So, a SEND/DELETE button would be essential.

Chaos would reign, without these two additions, imagine, talking (virtually) to your boyfriend, discussing your day, then you remember the Adonis who arrived at your office with the sandwiches and you start day dreaming about him.  If those thoughts went through the results could be disastrous……

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