Covid Loans

So, I was always taught never to spend money that I didn’t have. The only debt I have ever had was my mortgage. Always have something in the pot for a rainy day or several rainy days. I know not everyone is as strict with their finances. Hence the reason that during the last few months individuals have needed some financial assistance to survive. Maybe it was my parent’s influence, they had to survive through the Second World War, rationing, limitations on earnings.

But what I fail to understand is that big business, companies such as those listed, have not got a failsafe, reliable ‘pot’ of money to enable them to at least pay some of their employee’s salaries.

It’s as though these companies have never had to budget for a time when their income is reduced for whatever reason.

Thinking to a smaller company or a self-employed person, arranging to defer mortgage payments or shopping more frugally is one way of surviving. Diversification of the business, thinking outside the box is another. Just because normal life and work had been brutally severed in March, some people have been so inventive, finding ways to continue earning, if in a limited way perhaps. For instance, Terry has continued his writing group and even found new members. Which reminds me, Terry, I still owe you for last week and now this week. Please don’t call the debt collectors yet.

Personally, I have found that not being able to spend money, travel costs, shop, eat out, etc has been a good thing for me. I have enjoyed making careful shopping lists, ensuring I have everything I need for a week. Feeding 4 adults, making meal plans helps and nothing is wasted. If the dogs won’t eat it the chickens will.

The fascination for fast food, horrifies me, why when a certain fast food restaurant re-opened it’s drive through, the police had to be called to manage the traffic jam. Have we not learnt anything from the last few months, that we can manage without this, I wouldn’t even call it a luxury?

I can’t personally wait to go back to support the small local businesses, I believe they are called pubs, to have a meal I haven’t planned, shopped, prepared and cooked is what I call luxury.

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