An exciting trip out

“So, tell me when is the taxi coming, Mum?” I begged.
“Not for another hour, you have plenty of time to play.”
“Can I have something to eat, please, please, I’m really very starving?” I said, whining
“No, I’ve already told you, you can have something to eat when we get home.”
I started sniffing, feeling sad and hungry, searching for something to do or maybe a scrap of food, to satisfy my hunger.
Sitting on the sofa, I contemplated the possibility of never eating again, starving and becoming emaciated.
“Can I just have a little snack, now, please, please, I’m really very famished?” Looking at Mum with pleading eyes.
“You don’t have long to wait now, the taxi will be here shortly, let’s get you ready to go out.” Said Mum, putting on my little jacket and brushing my hair, so I looked presentable.
I started getting excited, I loved going out and travelling in a car was an extra special treat. Waiting by the front door, earnestly listening for the sound of a car pulling up outside.
My patience was rewarded, eventually. Mum opened the front door and I tugged her outside, eager to get into the taxi. I was so happy, but still very starving and maybe a little nervous. Where were we going in this taxi?
After a short journey, the taxi drew to a halt and Mum paid the driver. We jumped out and I thought I recognised the building in front of me. It had a strange smell, fear and disinfectant mixed together.
Mum spoke to the receptionist “Hello, I’ve bought Charlie in, he’s booked in this morning for neutering.”
“MUUUMMMMMM, I wailed, don’t leave me. I promise not to hump your leg anymore.”
Suddenly food was no longer important to me.

297 Words
Sandy Bryson

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