500 + words based upon a Witch who needs a dentist and calls a taxi to make the journey

“Oh, blast and blasphemes” shouted Edna as she slammed the empty jar down onto the worksurface next to the cauldron. Her cat leapt down from his warm sleeping place next to the aga in surprise.
“How could I be so stupid to run out, when I need it for my spell to re-charge my broom” she continued. “I’ll be drummed out of the coven at this rate, for incompetence. Even if I order today on Shamazon, it won’t be delivered until tomorrow and I need my Broom tonight.”
Suddenly, she had an idea and dashed to the lounge to get her phone, dialling the number, she put on her best normal voice. After making the appointment for later that day, she whooshed upstairs to find some normal clothes to put on. She didn’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, or suspicious. Realising that she was lacking in the transport area, she donned her posh telephone voice again and made another call.
Returning home after her appointment, clutching the side of her cheek, but pleased with the contents of the jar.
She rushed into the kitchen and re-checked her Broom Re-charge spell.
“Eye of newt, wing of bat, leg of frog and virgin’s tooth! That’s everything sorted, I can get the Broom re-charged” she muttered, feeling very pleased with herself.
“And because I used my Forget Me spells, I got free last month in Which Witch, it didn’t cost me a single penny.” She sat down beside the fire and stroking her cat, fell into a deep slumber.
Later that same day, in a pub not far from Edna’s house, a local taxi driver called Tom entered the establishment and ordered a pint. He sat at the bar and began to tell the barman about his day. “Been quite busy, apart from this afternoon, which was so quiet, that I manage to have forty winks in the cab. Had myself the most peculiar dream though, I picked up incredibly ugly old hag and took her somewhere, can’t remember where, though.” He took a gulp from his pint and continued “What was even more peculiar, was that I found myself back where I started, but had clocked up 15 miles on the meter”
Another man was sitting in the pub, sipping his gin and tonic, whilst fiddling with his iPhone. He listened intently to the story, the taxi driver had told and when Tom had finished and was concentrating on downing his pint, he interjected “Hello, my name is Ashley, I couldn’t help overhearing your tale.” He moved forward to the bar and lent on elbow on it, in an attempt to be friendly. “I too have had a very strange day, especially this afternoon, when I had no appointments for an hour or so.” He gesticulated towards the bar with his empty glass and asked for the same again, he offered Tom another pint, which was gratefully received.
“I also had a very strange dream about an old hag, who came in looking for an extraction. Most peculiar it was, because when I woke up, there was blood all over my jacket.”
Edna woke up feeling refreshed and re-charged her Broom using the spell. When she arrived at the Coven for their bi-monthly meeting, she discovered they had a special visitor. He was speaking about a new invention and trying to get the witches to buy from him. It was called a Broom Recharger Appliance – known as BRA.

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