200 words using dialogue to create a character

“I hate my life; I wish I was never born!” Perry sulked and flopped down in the armchair.
“If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times not to ruin the furniture.” Mum raised her eyebrows in frustration.
“But it’s not fair, you never listen to me. I hate you; I hate everyone.” Perry folded his arms and put his hood up.
“Yes dear, have you tidied your room, like I asked? Mum wasn’t hopeful for a positive response.
Perry peered sullenly under his hood and replied “It’s my room, I can do what I want in there, it’s got nothing to do with you, you are not allowed in.”
Mum replied sarcastically “I know dear, I won’t go in ever again. I won’t change your sheets, hoover the floor, collect your washing, because I’m not allowed in.”
Suddenly realising he had shot himself in the foot, Perry replied “Well, you can go in to do those things, but nothing else. I’m bored and I’m starving. When’s dinner ready?”
“It’ll be ready, when it’s ready.” Mum retorted.
Perry stood up and pushed his hood back, “Mum” he queried “Make me a sandwich?
“And” Mum responded “What’s the magic word?”
Perry smiled smugly and replied “NOW!”
207 Words
Sandy Bryson

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