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She  skip round the lonely stones She’s looking round the lone grey stones Livein’ the dream now She steps on […]

Caroline Way 5 December 2022 5 December 2022

Sometimes I think mum loves O’Mally more than Dad She’s so down on Dad. I just can’t work out why. […]

Caroline Way 5 December 2022 5 December 2022

40 Return to the Orphanage I am doing a behind the counter stint afternoon at Hassocks and Cassocks shop. Nobody […]

Caroline Way 28 November 2022 28 November 2022
Grandma’s House

When the Supa arrives in Kampala he decides to go to take a look at the old family house. He […]

Caroline Way 14 November 2022 14 November 2022
Uriel Name

Sculpting our inner Life  Only the light within our soul can be with God – all that is not light […]

Caroline Way 7 November 2022 7 November 2022
The lunatic Line

The Supa’s family have a tale passed down through the generations of a very great great and venerable Grampa who […]

Caroline Way 31 October 2022 31 October 2022
Lines of Blood -the cheque

I get a message to pick up a registered letter from the central Nairobi postal service in Kenyatta Square. I […]

Caroline Way 31 October 2022 31 October 2022
Uziel & the poetry prize

‘Uziel means God is my power and my strength.’ Uziel         When at assembly the head master announces […]

Caroline Way 23 October 2022 23 October 2022

Pandora’s name and purpose was All Giver she created Eden here on earth the Jealous Gods revamped her as a […]

Caroline Way 13 June 2022 13 June 2022
Lines of Blood Chapter 38

38 Cafe has a nasty head gash on her head. She is conscious now and tells us not to worry […]

Caroline Way 12 June 2022 12 June 2022

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