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What does awareness mean for Writers?

Hearing, Feel, Touch,  Being, Smell, Taste, Thought, Memory,Realisation

Awareness involves more than just looking, writers need to develop their perceptive facilities.

Writing good memorable prose involves the writer in the smell, taste, touch, feel and a whole dramatic list of the things that make up the world about us and of the characters we create for our story lines.


The more information about the world our characters inhabit, the easier it is for the reader to become involved.

What is the care needed here?……….Discuss

Careful not to bore the reader.

EXERCISE…10 mins.

In your location write down three things for each of following

Sounds you can hear, Odours you can smell, Flavours you can taste,

Objects you can see,Textures you can feel


Homework…250/300 words

Remembering that Sensory perceptions can enrich writing but a traffic jam style, such a list can clog the avenues, leading to gridlock, switch off and stagnation.

Now get out into the sunshine – moonlight if that is your particular bent.

Observe, listen, smell, taste, feel, and wonder of the world about us. You are the recorder, choose words to enhance the feelings, give the power to sound, movement, stillness even – go write. God bless you Seamus Heaney.

250/300 words on the website as doc please.

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