Up Above, Down Under

In a world, where everybody is never off the grid

Where all our connections are never rid.

Where people meet, mingle and intertwine,

Needn’t not a single drop of strong, sweet wine.


Two people meet online, one in the United Kingdom.

In most cases, it doesn’t matter where from.

But the other, from deep down under in Australia.

His name is Mark and her name is Azalea.


For many months, years they grew a close bond.

And of each other, they became ever so fond.

For they talked and stayed up early or late

their connection to each other became intimate.


One night, one day, as they chatted hours a few.

An intense feeling flowed between them, out of the blue.

They both uttered three words to each other, as if on cue

And those three words were “I love you.”


Romance abounded, though even not physical, nigh on aphrodisiacal

Nothing to stop their undying passion, avoiding ad val.

Completely forgoing any logical and precise rationales.

And all of this, just simply because they were modern pen pals.


Their schedules changed to fit time in for one another.

Seeing less of their families, brother, father, mother.

Needn’t it matter that their performance at work, bosses pother.

But it was all worth it, another second, another word they’d much rather.


Closer and closer they became, rarely ever finding themselves apart

Though in reality, they were as far and neither could depart.

Their lives were so different, and made both throb at heart.

But in reality, neither could leave and set a chart.


Both could not simply uproot and leave

If only for the fact they both had a family

An ill father, a brother in desperate need financially

Leaving an estranged mother alone, would hurt them, anxiety.


They had to face the harsh reality before them

Neither could meet in flesh, hearts beating a thrum

Regrets suppressed, their own wants not under their thumb

And that’s when the inevitable finally, slowly begun.

That neither could truly live with the other one.

So they peacefully started to undo what was done.


Even with such intense love could never go askew

It was time for it to end, hearts both purple and blue

And they promised one thing, as they bid their adieu

Was three simple words, “I’ll never forget you.”

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