The Unwanted

It’s just what I’ve always wanted

Thank you, so very, very much

I don’t have anything else like it

I will treasure it forever, I promise


Another, un-wanted useless gift

Destined for the box in the attic

Where sad, un-loved pressies go

Hoping to find another home, one day


Every year, in December, the box appears

Each item has its’ memories of who and when

But probably not why, the gift was given

Looking at the presents, once given with love


I remember, when Mum, no longer here

Gave me that purple scarf for Christmas

She said it would keep me warm in winter

And maybe brighten up my day


The picture frame, all fancy and ornate

From Dear Aunty Joan, God rest her soul

The book about cars, my Dad had bought me

When he first began to teach me to drive


The memories and love pour from the box

As a reminder to me, of how much I was loved

They will never find another home, re-gifted

As they are truly wanted here and treasured.

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