The Truth Is... It Was The First Time...

Well the truth is……
A lot has happened to me during the past couple of years. From my university course getting cancelled, a bad breakup, another college course I had to quit due to medical and circumstance, to settling back in to my family home, so honestly a lot.


I pay my rent, I have my room. But one of the most defining things that has happened because of all this is my seizures have worsened. That’s not to say it’s my family’s fault, I’m sure it would have been exactly the same, if not worse if I was still with my ex.


Even from the painful memories and night terrors, I find that my epilepsy is my true enemy now, all it seemingly does is appear from nowhere on occasions and just decides to cripple me for a number of days, if not a week at a time. I imagine that I wouldn’t be able to afford that much time recuperating if I decided to go back to university. Providing they’ll even consider me considering my history revolving around that topic, as well as the student loan companies to boot…


It was the first time…
I had reconsidered going to university to study something a bit more white-collared, I already had my family’s blessing with conservation to start with, and I studied even with my epilepsy, but it has only really caught up with me that the fact is I wouldn’t be able to enter the world of conservation with epilepsy haunting me; legally I wouldn’t be able to operate important machinery or drive.


Those skills are mandatory, so even trying to consider going into the field seriously was out of the question. So I hope that everybody, friends and family, understands why I decided that studying Law would be my best option; I’m logical, I can remember minor details, I can research and remember things well; it’s how I got through university and college before. I had the knack for nit-picking details. So applying that to a field where nit-picking small details is common practice seems to make sense.


That and I would like to return to university for a broader social circle, as, to be honest, I don’t have a large amount of friends my age, even if it meant going into Ipswich proper. But whatever I choose to do, I hope that it’ll lead to a stable future, more stable than my past has been.

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  1. Hi Nathan, this sounds like an Epiphany. Go for it matey you have a brain. a vocabulary, an aim in life
    a word flow system, and the best wishes of all of your friends.
    Let’s talk about whether you want to publish this piece right now!

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