The Shout

“The bells are going down, again.” Shouted the Duty Man.

Groans were heard from the team eating their lunch, but still they all flung their cutlery down and dashed out from the Mess to the waiting appliance,

Struggling to get their uniforms on, each man was silent, waiting to hear the information from control.  “Persons reported.”   Another groan went up.  “Two adults and three children. “  This time the groans were louder and had more concern.

The vehicle moved rapidly through traffic, only slowing slightly at a red light, to ensure a safe path through.  ‘On the run’ was always a time for caution and trepidation.

Blue Watch were silent now, ready and eager for action.  Their duties, practiced rehearsed and practiced again were fixed in their minds.  A live shout always meant that the adrenalin was pumping fast in every man.

As soon as the engine slowed down at the scene, Blue Watch scrambled to their individual tasks.  No words were spoken between them, only the Duty Man fired off instructions.  The senior Fire Officer, was in a conflab with the police and paramedics.  Making plans for any eventuality.  Another engine arrived with turntable ladders, two men were being helped into their breathing apparatus gear.

“There must be someone in there”.  One of the younger men observed.  “Come on now Blue Watch, heads up.” Shouted the Duty man…….#

229 words – Sandy Bryson

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