The Queen

The Queen 

Fairy Queen


Buckingham Palace was built in 1703 but it didn’t become an official royal residence until Queen Victoria’s reign. She moved the family into the palace in 1837. Full construction was completed in 1853. In total, it took around 150 years to build Buckingham Palace

If you were to wander for a week you would probably not see all the 

775 rooms. 

These include 19 State rooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices and 78 bathrooms.

That leaves 355 that are not officiallydesignated. 

Even the most rambling gothic fantasy Castle of Gormenghast may not have had so many untold rooms. Perhaps there is a Fairy Room that gathers dust and has been locked for many years. A room where Margaret and Lilibet spent many happy hours flying fairy dolls with paper wings as they pirouetted around the many magical mirrors. 

The question could cross your mind as to whether the Queen herself has visited all of them. Palaces, castles, and other royal residences have always featured hidden ways to move about and Buckingham Palace is no exception There is a hidden entrance via a mirror in the White Drawing Room for example.

One little known fact about the palace is that The Queen has secret passageways in the building that are hidden away from public view.

It is rumoured that there were many hidden quirks and traits built into it’s design.

Anna Reynolds is the palace curator.

‘If I just rather gently pull on this you will see…It takes a bit of muscle to pull it open from this side but you can see that actually behind this there is a secret passage. This leads to the Queen’s private apartments. 

Often when the Queen is meeting guests they’re lined up for her here in the Music Room for her. Naturally they are looking towards the double door entrance  into this room. The Queen can then enter by coming through the fireplace door behind them. It allows her to magically enter without having to walk through all of the different palace rooms.”

The Stables & the Stopwatch

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