The Big Decision

“What does everyone want to do today?” Mum asked while carefully folding the washing in piles for each child.

Chaos ensued, when each child, Judy, Matthew and Robert, argued their point without even listening to each other.

“No, that’s not fair, just because there are two boys in the family, doesn’t mean we have to do boy’s stuff.”

“Yeah, right” said Robert “We should all play dressing up and practice putting make up on each other.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind doing that.” Matthew had a very sensitive nature.

Finally, Mum called the chaotic meeting to order by clapping her hands together and she suggested a game to decide which child could choose the activity for the day.

The children whined, but couldn’t decide which game to play.  More quarrels began, each child suggesting their own game, Judy suggested using a pack of playing cards, highest card wins.  Robert wanted to wrestle to be the decision maker, but as he was older and much stronger than everyone else, this was met with derision from all.

Mum continued with her chores, whilst listening to the discussions.  The children continued to debate which game they should play in order to make a decision.  Mum smiled secretly to herself.  Eventually she butted in “What about Rock, Paper, Scissors?”

“Yes” agreed Matthew, “We could all find a rock and decorate it, then cut up a piece of paper, using scissors to make a snowflake.”

“You are a snowflake” retorted Robert.

Mum reprimanded him sharply for being unkind to his brother.  “No, rock, paper, scissors is a game you can play to help make the decision.  Whoever wins most times becomes the person to decide what to do today.

“But we don’t know how to play it.” Judy grumbled.

“No problem, you all go off into your rooms and find the rules on Google and then come down and play.”  The children all disappeared off upstairs, each saying they would be the first one back downstairs.

Mum sighed in relief and started getting lunch ready.  By the time the children had re-appeared, the table was laid with sandwiches and fruit juice and yoghurt for them all.

During lunch the topic of discussion was the rules of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“No, that’s wrong.  Rock doesn’t beat paper.” Judy pulled out the printed page

389 words – Sandy Bryson

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