The Beginning of the End Part Two

Watched the news today, mostly about Brexit, boring.  There was some mention of a problem in China, lots of people were getting very poorly, but no-one seemed to know why.

Brexit wasn’t even mentioned in the news a week later.  They concentrated on reporting the number of deaths caused by this new coronavirus, in China.  Apparently there have been a couple of cases reported in the UK, but no cause for concern.

Boris asked us all to wash our hands today, on the news.  Seems a strange request, don’t we all wash our hands anyway?  He also stated that if we did contract the virus, it would only be a mild to moderate illness for the vast majority of people.

Apparently, we have to sing Happy Birthday, while we wash our hands, not sure what mumbo jumbo idea this is, but it is to ensure that people are doing it properly.  Wasn’t this something we learnt from our parents?

Reading between the lines, or maybe on social media, reports began today of the necessity of wearing face masks, but again the government told us that washing hands would suffice.

The reported numbers of incidences of the coronavirus increased dramatically today, our fear rose as dramatically too.

209 words Sandy Bryson

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