She  skip round the lonely stones

She’s looking round the lone grey stones

Livein’ the dream now

She steps on confetti 

Damp from the night before

Sadly bright some how some how

Was yesterday she took her vow

Many years away

From confetti falling falling day

Where has she been

She lives in a dream

Waits at the window

A woman who keeps her face in a jar

And waits for the man in his bright red car

Where does she come from?

All the lonely people

Where do they all belong?

Nobody knows

Where is she going

Where the wind blows

Blows blows she knows the blows

So what does she care?

Swirling confetti is bright

It is bright

But not in the darkness

Not in the night

And yet in the morning he says its alright

she walks in the door not keeping score

She dances around the stone – the stone

She dances around the standing stone

And plays a game of ‘not alone’

Heart beating and breaking

Mending and making

The word spins around

Confetti is falling

Swirling and spinning

As she whirls around

The world spins around

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