Staying in Sardinia versus living in a sardine can

“Yeah” Mum exclaimed “We’ve sold the house at last, but there is a slight problem.”
“What do you mean by slight?” Dad questioned, ever the glass half empty type.
Mum retorted indignantly “It just means that we will effectively be homeless for a week, as we
complete on the sale a week before we complete on the purchase of our new place.”
Dad groaned “So does that mean we are on the streets for a week, along with all our possessions?”
“No”, Mum replied optimistically. “We can put our stuff in storage and live in the caravan for a
Groans all round from all the family, even the dogs looked worried.
“Don’t be so negative,” said Mum “It will be exciting, treat it like an adventure.”
“I’d rather treat myself to a hotel for the week.” Said Dad under his breath.
Mum was already planning on how to manage four adults and three dogs in a small place, even with
the awning attached it would be tight.
Later that month, after the removal van had left with the contents of their old house, the family and
dogs all piled into the car, each with a bag of personal belongings to last them a week.
On arrival at the caravan site, the family dragged themselves out of the car, Trevor volunteered to
take the dogs for a walk, while Steven moaned about the lack of internet access and little if any
phone signal.
Mum tried to chivvy them along saying “It will give us all a break from normality. We can explore
other outlets and enjoy the outside more.”
Trevor came back from walking the dogs “It’s started to rain” he observed.
“Oh, great” said Steven “We can explore the outside, whilst getting soaking wet and then come
home to sleep in damp clothes with soaking dogs laying all over us.”
Mum, beginning to lose her normally positive, upbeat nature snapped “Oh, shut up, you lot are so
miserable. Would someone pour me a glass of wine?”

337 words
Sandy Bryson

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