Road map

Road map


Lines of Blood on The Lunatic Line


Research the creation of the  Lunatic line

Body and blood of Christ is in both religions  – walking from one service at castle Gendalpho  to another the similarity was a revelation

The service words were the same the  2 differences transmutation and the Pope

These were the lines of blood of the two religions like train tracks 

O’Mally’s chicken train track game when he was eleven  – one of his friends died 

List of chapters

Finish road trip

Orphanage girl rescue

Story strands 

Ch 60

Uziel brings the orphanage order up personally and meets the girl again and decides he must rescue her


O’Mally jumps when the phone rings wants to go to Nairobi on the old style train on The Lunatic Line train festival

also sees the priest and the young nuns in petticoats

and plans to ride back to Mombassa on the Lunatic line festival train.


Uziel whispers his name to her again and tells something of his traumatised past.He ran away partly because he couldn’t bear hearing his name.


O’Mallys death


The inquest at the Coroners courtVenue is Nairobi because the rift valley is where O’Mallys body was found  is in Kenya. the boys  tell their train story. 


The super attends with Honey – they comment on the revalations.

The Orpanage priest is called to witness as to whether O’Mally was depressed. Mbabzi is there from Kampala and on hearing this priests evidence starts an investigation into missing orphanage children

Uziel tells of the trip to the orphanage on Bishop of Raith’s request. 

Mbabzi organizes a raid on the orphanage and rescues the girl and other orphanage children


A Frontline member – a war correspondent from the Independent and the church times has dinner at the Frontline Club and Raith is subjected to journalistic scrutiny


Thiery Mbuya falls in love with the orphan girl who Uziel brings to give evidence at the inquest. Later she becomes a becomes a chess champion and he writes the worlds most unexpected best seller:

Africans: The First Mathematicians  


A troubling aspect of the research is the suggestion by some interviewees that any form of sexual assault really is a fate worse than death because a part of you has been permanently terminated but you have become a ghost of your former self and keep living but like child abuse it has murdered the trust in life that makes trust worth living.


The cafe fire opposite spreads to Hassock and cassocks Nairobi shut down and go on line and is a great success especially as Bishops regalia becomes a firm favourite for fancy dress parties with the Rainbow People in a growing number of church that have been turned into nite club venues.

Extra strands

How things smell 

At the orphanage the smell of fear

Pervert The unwashed clothes – once a week 1950 underclothes once a week wash-hanging up suit  in mothball wardrobe 

The Dove logo RevKit brief case contents – dog collar – Bible Best Bits Book containing inspirational quotes Marriage certificates/Christening certificates/ All-purpose blessings / Sermons / 2 small candle sticks with integral battery candles

The on line Universal church certificate

Church of England accreditation world wide

Charismatic church

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