Petty Cash

With all the above advice in my head, I began my first day working as a Financial Officer at my local council.

My boss, the Town Clerk, was an elderly lady with silver hair and a beautiful, sophisticated dress sense.  She was a real pussy cat, easily persuaded by the local councillors.  Any meetings which were held, I had to attend and keep minutes.  This enabled me to find out, first hand, what was going on in the council offices.

I quickly realised that the local councillors were a mixture of good intentions blended together seamlessly with their desire for personal gain.  Most local councillors also had delusions of grandeur, believing that their power was endless and no rules could prevent them from getting their own way.

One of my less enjoyable jobs, was to ensure that our car park ticket machines were emptied on a regular basis.  A lovely elderly gentleman had the job of then bringing me the coins, which I had to count up and then take to the bank.  The amount was carefully recorded in the council ledger, for all to see.


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