Pandora’s name and purpose was All Giver

she created Eden here on earth

the Jealous Gods revamped her as a sinner

and changed her story – put it in reverse

Headline She let out all Ills

Earths people now take bitter pills!


Invert the pythos  – beat that drum 

and something else will always come

some say a truth withheld from us so long

both gods and man take certain pride in doing wrong

maybe Pandoras husband did what he should not

and opened up the secret pot

perhaps the world was told a lie that blamed his wife

that sowed historic seeds of misery and strife 

the twist spun by the gods may last forever

although the human world can be quite clever

We know the fact that Hope was left is proof 

of good seed in the mix Pandora loosed

Kindness and Compassion were what she released

much Joy and Laughter too- Goodwill and Peace


Pandora even though she’s much maligned 

maintains her Gifts to earth – though she’s not blind

She feeds earth’s bounty that the seasons bring

as through the fields of corn we hear Pandora sing

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