Wenhaston Jubilee Hedge

One has heard that one has a Jubilee Hedge

In Suffolk it’s Wenhaston’s Jubilee Hedge

one trusts it ’s been grown to our royal advantage

with nests tucked and woven deep into it’s branches

Yes I’ve visited Suffolk or perhaps it was Kent?

and One knows planting hedges is time that’s well spent

Now when was it planted? One does have a spade!

as do each guardsman you see on parade

One thinks one has heard of this Jubilee Hedge

to grow one each year is Prince Charles’s new pledge

One has many hedges on our royal land

Our hedge man assures one they’re expertly manned 

Charles talks to his hedges to make them grow tall

He much prefers hedges to building a wall

at length he informs one as to the process

to make homes for hedgehogs but we’re making progress!

For hedges to thrive one must half slice and nick

bending the branches to make them grow thick

then twisted in madrigals bunching the twig

ensures that one’s hedges grow bushy and big

One’s Jubilee silver was so long ago

one remembers the highlights — it was quite a show

one remembers of course there was Jubilee Gold

but the Jubilee Diamond made One feel quite old!

Now its Jubilee ‘Platinum’—One just can’t keep score!

One’s a National Treasure with a full Treasure store

What’s  frightfully modern and quite cutting edge

is to dig deep and plant one’s own Jubilee Hedge

Lines of blood postscript

if like me you turn to the end 

this post script may of may not be of interest

it is 2090 and have returned to Kenya many times Mombassa is now our favourite destination. We stay at Trade Winds and role in the surf . My dear wife Cafe goes up to Nairobi sometimes to see Sonny and her grandchildren. She also has a generation beyond that but I loose track as our Africa family tree grows. I sometimes make the trip and drop in to Hassocks and Cassocks which has moved to larger premises. Whilst the UK market has shrunk to an online catalogue the African church robe market continues to expand. 

Even a bishops mitre can be customised and ordered on line these days! I had a hand in the modernisation of our brand. Cafe’s boy  Sonny proved to be not only a wizz kid in the kitchen but online as well in the early days. Together we set up the Hassocks and Cassocks app. He now makes a small fortune as an online chef and his daughter continues the trend.

Africa exports sun power to a for a world hungry for an eco electric world. Africa’s children are well now fed in body and soul. Africas’s priests and bishops still wear copious amounts of colourful long robes. However, as christian priests in other parts of the world dwindle in number, they now prefer a more secular look. Bishops still wear regalia in their cathedrals but colours are more muted. Choir and alter boys no longer grace the chancel in white lace trim.

The person or persons who were responsible for the demise of Father O’Mally have never been found. One official theory is that it may have been a moment of dizziness due to his alcoholic tendencies or perhaps suicide in a moment of despair. 

Though much of the information was corrupted and could not be retrieved the  pictures that were retrieved from his smartphone confirmed his predilection for young boys. Many other priests were investigated from his contacts lists and victims sometimes identified.

It is well known that Hyenas can eat practically every part of its pray.

the 7 ages of man – looking back as an old man from a future I make with si fi artifactats

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