One Knight

Returning from the hospital in Ipswich, it was a dismal evening, dusk, just turning from daylight into night.

Along the A12, just past Little Glemham, going around a bend, suddenly there appeared something in the road. Was it a muntjac deer? On closer inspection it became apparent it was a dog. She was running loose and appeared to be unhurt. Hazard lights on and slowing to a stop, approaching the little dog, encouraging it into the passenger door. Thankfully she got in and settled down on the floor.

After checking her over, finding a collar, but the light was too bad to read the details. After taking off the collar. On further investigation managed to find a mobile telephone number, although the address was South West London. A woman answered, she agreed that she had lost her dog and asked if it could be bought to where she was staying at Glemham Hall.

The day before in Ipswich market, a woman was strolling around, leisurely looking at anything which interested her. The strikingly attractive lady looked cool and nonchalant. She was wearing a long flowing coat, almost down to her ankles, with a beautiful silk scarf wrapped casually around her neck. Her hair was swept up into a loose bun, with golden tendrils framing her beautiful face. Her make up was perfect, red lipstick and perfectly manicured nails. She wore dark glasses which added to the air of mysterious sophistication.

She was so busy being calm and unruffled, that she failed to see the paving slab protruding up from the rest and caught her heel on it and feel in a very undignified way to the ground. Sprawled out, legs akimbo, no longer looking cool or sophisticated, she let out an enormous guffaw, followed by uncontrollable laughter. People around her, quickly offered to help, picking up the contents of her handbag which had unceremoniously spread itself all over the pavement. One man in particular, stayed with her after she had got to her feet and after discovering that she hurt herself, offered to take her back to the car. She refused an ambulance, trying to play down the injury and allowed the man to help her hobbling in pain because of her ankle. On reaching the car, after giving her saviour her thanks and assuring him that she was OK to drive, she got in and drove away.

As soon as the car was out of sight, the man kicked himself because he hadn’t asked her for her number. Another opportunity missed, never mind at least a good deed had been done.

On arriving at Glemham Hall, with the little dog held gently in his arms, the man rang the enormous brass bell and waited for the door to be opened. It took a long time, but eventually the door creaked and revealed the beautiful lady from the market.

“Hello, again” she said. “My knight in shining armour rescuing me twice in two days, thank you, do come in.”

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